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    • Use this form to modify an existing Graduate or dual-level course.
    • Do not use this form for undergraduate courses.

    1. TURN ON help text before starting this proposal by clicking in the top right corner of the heading.
    2. SELECT an Academic Unit. Be as specific as possible by choosing a program if it is listed. 
    3. SAVE all changes by clicking on  or​ Save All Changes.
    4. REVIEW approvers for each step. Verify that each one is correct.
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    6. RUN Impact Report and contact other impacted units before launching proposal. 
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  • Help: Minimum credits. Written as a decimal. Example 1.00 Enter the credit hours appropriate for the course. If the hours are not variable, enter the same number as the minimum and maximum. If the credits may vary by offering, enter the minimum and maximum number of credits available.
    Minimum Units:*
    Help: Maximum credits. Written as a decimal. Example 3.00 Enter the credit hours appropriate for the course. If the hours are not variable, enter the same number as the minimum and maximum. If the credits may vary by offering, enter the minimum and maximum number of credits available.
    Maximum Units:*
  • Description*
  • Requisite(s)
  • Please indicate if this course will be cross-listed and/or dual-level.
    A dual-level course requires that you submit a syllabus for the separate undergraduate and graduate versions of the course.

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  • Course Grading
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    Course Component*
  • Maximum Allowed Units for Repeatable Courses
    Maximum Allowed Completions for Repeatable Courses
  • Proposed schedule of offering*
  • Change to take Effect:
  • Semester*
  • Justification and Resources
  • Help: Enter a purpose and/or justification for the request being submitted. This should include information on why or how the idea was initiated (e.g., requests from students, requests from other academic units, results of assessment activities or Academic Program Review, new faculty specialty area, ect.)
    Purpose and/or Justification*
  • Help: Enter the skills students will demonstrate upon successful completion of the course.
    Learning Objectives*
  • Help: Enter an outline of the intellectual content of the course. Do not include a syllabus, list of required readings, testing procedures or learning objectives.
    Course Outline*
  • Faculty
  • Does course use existing or additional faculty?*
    • If existing faculty will teach courses, explain how course loads will be adjusted to accommodate the change.
    • If additional faculty will be required, describe how they will be funded.

  • Faculty Justification*
  • Additional Resources:
  • For each of the sections below, indicate if additional resources are required and how those resources are being obtained.

  • Requires new classroom / laboratory space?*
  • Help: Describe any new classroom/laboratory space that will be required, including where it is located.
    If so, please explain:
  • Requires new equipment?*
  • Help: Describe any additional equipment that will be required (e.g., hardware, software, laboratory apparatuses, etc.) and how it will be funded.
    If so, please explain:
  • Requires special funding?*
  • Help: Describe any additional funding that will be required, the reason(s) for funding and how it will be obtained.
    If so, please explain:
  • Requires additional Library / Information Technology resources?*
  • Help: Describe any additional library or information technology resources that will be needed.
    If so, please explain:
  • Impacted Areas
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    2. Contact impacted departments.
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